About EPSL

League Objectives & Vision

  • Non-Profit -  Unlike other national leagues, the EPSL is a non-profit 501(c) organization. The EPSL is not set up as a business to make money, rather to serve its Clubs and players.

  • Strong Inclusive Governance - The EPSL will be governed by by-laws and an Executive Board composed of elected officers, representatives from member feeder leagues, representation from USASA Region 1, and representation from member clubs.

  • Groundbreaking Inter-League Promotion/Relegation - The EPSL fully supports promotion and relegation and puts this into practice with the first ever interleague promotion/relegation in the United States by partnering with two historic elite local soccer leagues that have produced numerous USASA National Champions, US Open Cups, and dramatic US Open Cup runs. All clubs should have an opportunity to advance and play at the highest level based on sporting merit.